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Qatar tribune



Pakistan police on Saturday stormed opposition leader Imran Khan’s residence while the former premier was heading to a court hearing after resisting arrest for a week amid clashes between security forces and his supporters. At least 65 supporters of Khan were arrested and guns seized after police entered the house in Lahore after shots were fired at officers, said Usman Anwar, police chief in Punjab’s central province. Police entered the house on court orders where Khan was holed up to evade arrest. His supporters have been camping outside for several days. The police had search warrants issued by a local anti-terrorism court, Punjab’s information minister Amir Mir said.Khan was not at the residence when it was stormed, as he was already on his way to the capital Islamabad to attend a court hearing after a week of defiance. Officials sealed parts of Islamabad and deployed thousands of police officers ahead of the hearing.

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