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His Highness the Amir of State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on Wednesday issued Law No 1 of 2023 on documentation. The law is effective and is to be published in the Official Gazette.

The Ministry of Justice applauded HH the Amir’s issuance of Law No 1 of 2023 on documentation.

In a statement, the ministry said the law aims to improve documentation services to keep pace with the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the state in various fields and to facilitate the conduct of transactions as well as citizens’ access to them electronically, in a step that is the first of its kind since the issuance of Law No 9 of 1979.

Within the framework of updating legislation and keeping it in line with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, the ministry noted that the provisions of the new law, which included 37 articles, were formulated to replace the law in force for about 44 years. It will include comprehensive and fundamental amendments that will bring about a quantum leap in the field of services provided to the public, especially services for documentation and certification of documents and proof of their history.

The ministry explained that the new law introduced the title of the ‘notary public’ for the first time, as part of a vision aimed at developing the legal cadre in the country and strengthening its position within the justice system, granting it the appropriate status, and expanding its competence.

The law fully regulated the provisions relating to the notary public. The law has stipulated that, in order to fill this position, the person carrying the title must take an oath before the minister prior to commencing their work, in order to evoke the gravity of the responsibility entrusted to them under the provisions of this law and the inadmissibility of combining their job with any other work that conflicts with the duties and responsibilities of their position. page 2

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