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Malek Helali
The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) will make special arrangements for autistic people during the 2022 FIFA World Cup to ensure their hassle-free enjoyment of the mega sporting event.
Participating in the Annual Autism Outreach and Training Symposium, SC Assistant Secretary-General Nasser al Khater said,"Part of our community engagement programme is to make sure that the World Cup is accessible to everybody, including people with learning disabilities."
"We need to make sure that people with autism spectrum disorder having difficulties with loud crowds and sensory stimuli are not deprived of this great experience. So, we are testing sensory rooms that would accommodate these people. We're also in the early stages of planning a national strategy in this regard," Khater said.
The Annual Autism Outreach and Training Symposium featured a range of presentations from healthcare professionals focusing on teaching the effective techniques of coping with autistic children and addressing their behavioural and learning difficulties.
"We invite everybody from the autistic community to this symposium because it serves as a networking platform. It's a way of providing evidence-based information and resources to the teachers and families of autistic children," said Hasna Nada, founder of the Child Development Center (CDC), and the mother of an autistic child.
The symposium, which was held on Saturday, was organised by the Child Development Center.
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