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BEST Buddies Qatar members visited Al Magrabi Eye, ENT and Dental Centre for checkups recently and took part in a workshop to raise health awareness and gain knowledge of medical profession.
Best Buddies Qatar members of the age of 7-12 years from Umm Slal Al Ali Primary School, Al Quds Primary School and Abu Hanifa Primary School for Boys conducted checkups of eyes and ears, and joined an introductory lecture on dental care and health maintenance by Al Magrabi medical team. The doctors and nurses also handed out valuable gifts to Best Buddies Qatar members.
Dr Bassem Gamal, Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit Consultant, said:"Vision screening is important to identify children with visual impairment or eye conditions that are likely to lead to vision loss. The paediatric ophthalmology team is glad to have checked the eyes of our little friends from Best Buddies Qatar."
Dr Kadry Shalaby, the administrator at Al Magrabi Eye, ENT and Dental Centre, said:"Al Magrabi Hospitals and Centre's mission is to provide customer-oriented and best quality ophthalmology, ENT and dentistry services, in compliance with the highest international standards. We are committed to deliver quality health care. We exercise societal responsibility and commitment to the community through Al Nour Foundation and other associated charity activities."
Kadry added:"It is our pleasure to support Best Buddies Qatar mission and host the event for its members. We are glad to build a good relation with children suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe to be a team which has an asset in these children's health."
Laalei Abu Alfain, Executive Director of Best Buddies Qatar, expressed gratitude to Al Magrabi Eye, ENT and Dental Centre for their support of Best Buddies Qatar's mission.
Laalei said:"We are happy to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental entities in different domains to hold the diverse events for Best Buddies Qatar members in order to improve their knowledge and skills in arts, health, sports, music, cultural and other social activities. We hope to expand the partnership with Al Margabi Eye, ENT and Dental Centre as well as other institutions in the country."
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