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The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB) announced on Wednesday that it has developed, in cooperation with Sprinklr Company, the ‘Sharek’ (Participate) platform to enable government agencies to provide a unified digital service for citizens.

The CSGDB seeks to push up the experience of government agencies customers to broader horizons, as it established the Center of Excellence for the experience of citizens and other service recipients by benefiting from Sprinklr’s expertise and professional services.

The new Center of Excellence serves the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, and is a national strategy that focuses on building a competitive government that has the ability to measure, monitor and improve its public services. It also meets the needs of citizens and residents in the State of Qatar through quick and personal interaction with government agencies through digital communication channels.

It will also, through the new Center of Excellence, unite government agencies through a central platform that allows the provision of unified channels experience easily to citizens and residents alike.

This innovative approach aims to enhance the experience of citizens and other recipients of government services, by achieving maximum efficiency, effectiveness and speed in providing service to beneficiaries, and is also a tool to pave the way for standardizing citizen service.

In this regard, President of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa said that simplifying government procedures and enhancing communication with beneficiaries is among the priorities of the CSGDB, indicating that the Participate Platform will provide government agencies with a set of tools to achieve effective participation in measuring satisfaction and communication in a direct, simplified and standardized manner.

For his part, Director of Government Development Affairs at the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, Hassan Abdul Rahman Al Ibrahim, indicated that the unified platform for managing citizens’ experience is an important step in achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, as this platform will bring together government agencies in the State of Qatar in a way that has not been applied before, allowing for more effective services.

The new advanced platform and artificial intelligence capabilities will be able to enhance the depth of communication with citizens, streamline operations, and facilitate access to important services and information, he explained.

For his part, Founder and CEO of Sprinklr, Ragy Thomas expressed pride to work with the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau as the center’s team cares about citizens’ experiences, and Sprinklr will provide a unified platform to raise efficiency and support citizen experiences through more than 30 digital channels.

To achieve these goals and to exceed the expectations of citizens, Sprinklr in the State of Qatar will provide the latest research, support, social participation and sales to achieve key benefits, including omni-channel communication, and government agencies will be able to serve citizens and residents using means of communication, including traditional and digital channels, he said.

Employees will be able to easily navigate between channels to respond to citizens without losing the context of the request, Thomas said.

Sprinklr will also reduce response time, by taking advantage of chatbots and workflows related to artificial intelligence from Sprinklr, and agencies can reduce response time, solve problems, and unify communication channels as government agencies will participate through a single platform with a common vision of all communications of citizens and residents, he added. (

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