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Hisham Al-Jundi
The General Directorate of Traffic has submitted recommendations to increase fine for using mobile phones while driving as the current charge of QR500 has not served as deterrent for the violators, said Brigadier Mohammed Saad al Kharji, director-general of General Directorate of Traffic.
Speaking on the sidelines of a forum on traffic awareness held at the Traffic Directorate headquarters on Monday, Kharji said that the Directorate had submitted recommendations to amend the violation of using mobile phones while driving.
As per the current law, the QR500 violation is issued for drivers 'using or holding a mobile phone or any other device while driving or becoming busy watching any visual object from television set in the vehicle' is to be modified and increased.
Commenting on the installation of new smart cameras, Kharji said cameras has significantly helped in reducing the number of fatalities on roads recently.
According to him, motorists who do not follow the correct lanes while crossing traffic light will be fined due to modification of the cameras.
Brig Kharji added that a control room will be launched soon at the Traffic Directorate headquarters to monitor and notify violators of traffic law on the spot via SMS, adding that all violations caught on cameras such as overtaking from the right or unfastening seatbelts will be sent immediately to the violators on their mobile phone to keep them aware and be more careful.
He added that this will also enable parents to monitor their children's behaviour on the roads more.
Roads on with portable speed radars will be announced daily on Ministry of Interior's digital platforms, said Kharji.
Lieutenant-Colonel Mohammed bin Radi al Hajri, director of Traffic Information and Awareness Department, appreciated the role of media institutions in enhancing traffic awareness.
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