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Two Qatar-based companies have been pulled up for QR24-million-tax evasion, the General Tax Authority said on Tuesday.

The Revenue Protection Team of the GTA has imposed relevant penalties and sanctions on the companies and several individuals and referred them to the Public Prosecution for further action.

The competent court issued judgments convicting each of the first company and the partner authorized to sign (Arab nationality) in his capacity as the legal representative of the company and its chief executive officer, and fined him an amount of QR500,000 for the charges attributed to him, which consist of concealing the real income and obliging the company to pay the claimed tax amounts estimated at QR19 million.

In addition, judicial rulings were issued against the second company and ordered to imprison the partner authorized to sign (Arab nationality) for a period of one year and to deport him from the country after carrying out the penalty imposed on him for the charges against him, represented in not registering with the Authority, concealing the real income and using fraudulent methods to evade tax, and punishing the company and fining it an amount of one million Real for the charge of concealing real income.

In the same context, the General Tax Authority stated that tax evasion crimes are among the most prominent challenges facing tax systems in most countries of the world, as they are economic crimes that have negative effects on the national economy and lead to a breach of justice and equality between taxpayers and influence the competitive strength of companies. Combating tax evasion and that it is continuing to bring anyone who is proven to be involved in tax evasion crimes to court, and that the

Authority’s revenue protection team continues its work in cooperation with all state agencies to tighten control over taxpayers subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Law promulgated by Law No. 24 of 2018 in order to prevent fraud and evasion of payment Tax.

On the other hand, the General Tax Authority, with its various departments, continues to strive towards increasing the dissemination of the culture of voluntary commitment and enhancing community confidence in the tax system in order to raise tax compliance rates and reduce cases of tax evasion.

The General Authority for Taxes calls on all taxpayers to adhere to the provisions and procedures stipulated in tax laws in order to avoid legal accountability.

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