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Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) organised a concert in which a number of its members participated along with students from Qatar Music Academy (QMA). The evening witnessed solo musical performances by the most distinguished students of the academy, in addition to the performance of classical music presented by the students, accompanied by professional musicians from the orchestra.

The concert, held at the United School International, included the most famous pieces by classical masters such as Haydn, Bruch and Bach. It also presented an opportunity for QMA students to showcase their talents and emphasize the positive impact of music in building their personalities.

Parents of the participating students pointed out the important role that music played in shaping their children’s personalities. “It has been a difficult but rewarding journey, with constant practice. My son Nasser has become more responsible and disciplined, and it is great to watch his self-confidence increase with the breadth of his knowledge and his musical skills,” said Mansoor Ali.

Nasser Mansoor Ali, a solo violinist at the Qatar Foundation (QF) academy, said: “It is an honour for me to play in a concert hosted by QF’s Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. And I am very grateful to be one of the few students chosen to perform in this special musical evening.”

Tariq Ziyad Al-Husseini, a solo cellist, also at the QMA, said that he had always dreamed of performing with professional musicians from the QPO, indicating that this concert was one of the most important events in which he was looking forward to participating.

Al-Husseini said: “I consider myself fortunate because I had the opportunity to perform alongside Christoph Schmitz, the cello professor at QPO, with whom I started my musical journey six years ago, and I have already gained more experience through my participation in this concert, which I hope will open up new opportunities for me in the future.”

Ziyad Al-Husseini, Tariq’s father, emphasized that music is an essential part of their family, and said: “We saw a positive impact on Tariq’s personality, especially when he started performing in front of an audience.

Music helped my son form a positive view of his abilities and increased his self-confidence, and I am very proud to see him today as a happy, sociable young man full of energy.”

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