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A floating eco-hotel that would spin very slowly to generate its own electricity via solar, wind, and tidal energy is set to come up off the coast of Qatar, according to Turkish architectural design studio Hayri Atak.
The studio (HAADS) has shared its design for a 152 room ‘eco-floating hotel’ designed to minimize energy loss and with a zero waste principle
The hotel will feature VAWTAU or vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella, on the vertical plane. This works as a wind turbine, while on the horizontal plane it serves as a sun umbrella. HAADS says that this system can obtain 25 kW of energy from each of the 55 VAWTAU modules.
In addition to generating green energy, the hotel also incorporates rainwater harvesting. The vortex-inspired roof collects rainwater that can be treated and used as greywater or to water the green areas of the hotel. Clean water will be obtained by purifying seawater and wastewater will be treated so as not to harm the environment. HAADS also plans to develop waste separation units in order to turn food waste into fertilizer for the landscaping.
Guests can access the hotel by car, by boat, or by helicopter and drone to a helipad located on the floating pier. The hotel has a massive 700 square metre lobby and each of the 152 rooms has its own balcony, offering guests different perspectives as the building revolves. The program also includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, gym, and mini golf course.
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