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Hisham Al-Jundi
A funfair for families engaged in home-based businesses and artisans is being built at the Pearl beach near the Diplomatic Club in West Bay area.
The funfair, which will last for four months, will host many pavilions displaying home-made products by families and a variety of entertainment facilities. As per the engineering company building the site, the funfair is to be open within 10 days and will last until summer.
Half of the income from this fair will be donated to cancer institutes for supporting cancer patients in Qatar.
The beach located adjacent to the diplomatic centre is a popular picnic spot. The funfair, which will help market products of families and artisans, is in line with Qatar's strategy to boost tourism.
The country has recently witnessed several festivities at Souq Waqif and other tourist spots, which were widely attended by visitors from the neighbouring countries.
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