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Strong adoption and delivery, and higher implications for emerging digital government services have placed Qatar in first position globally, according to a new Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study released on Thursday.

Titled “ Personal and Proactive Digital Government: Accelerating GCC Journey”, the study indicates that digital government services have become an integral part of residents’ daily life in the Qatar since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

BCG’s study shows that the level of satisfaction of digital government services in Qatar is ranked first for global net experience scores, marked at 86 percent for 2022. Additionally, the digital service offering in the Qatar has been met with a positive response, with the country’s residents placed highly in terms of frequency of access. In total, 58 percent of Qatar respondentsrevealed they use digital government at least once per week, compared with the global average of 49 percent.

“In 2022, COVID-related services have emerged as a benchmark for customer expectations, with their fast go-to-market times, frequent new feature updates, and advanced functionality. In fact, the most used digital government services in Qatar echo global patterns, with COVID-related services ranking #1 both regionally and globally,” said Rami Mourtada, Partner & Director, Digital Transformation, BCG. “Overall, GCC countries (including Qatar) offer more sophisticated digital government services, which equates to more complex transactions – including registering or using a job search, accessing COVID-19 services, and processing visa, residency, or work permits – which all rank higher in terms of usage than the global averages, where simple transactions like accessing information are still more common.”

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