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Qatar tribune

ParisParis prosecutors opened an investigation on Monday into serious assault by a police officer on a demonstrator protesting against plans to raise France’s pensionable age.

The 26-year-old protestor underwent an operation to have one of his testicles removed after receiving a blow between the legs from a riot stick while he was lying on the ground, as shown by footage broadcast by BFMTV.

The investigation is to be led by the police supervisory authority, a spokeswoman for the prosecutors’ office said.

The victim’s lawyer described the blow as “sadistic.” The incident, which has caused outrage, has been widely reported in France.

More than 1.1 million people demonstrated on Thursday against government plans to gradually raise the pensionable age to 64 from 62. The government says an ageing population makes the current system unsustainable. (dpa)

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