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Qatar tribune



Qatar’s production of some vegetables has exceeded thr total consumption rates, according to Executive Director of Business Relations at Hassad Food Mubarak Al Sahouti.

“The volume of vegetables received from local farmers increased by 20 percent in the current season, compared to the previous season,” Al Sahouti told QNA in an interview.

Al Sahouti said local market needs about 2,000 tonnes of cucumbers and about 5 to 6,000 tonnes of tomatoes per month. These needs are secured through Qatari farms during the agricultural seasons, he said noting that the quantities supplied currently to sales outlets by Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services, a subsidiary of Hassad, exceed these rates. These quantities are sold through Mahaseel, and 90 percent of them are consumed locally.

Al Sahouti pointed to Hassad’s actual contribution to achieving food security, noting that the company established Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services in 2018, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality, with the aim of supporting local farmers who face challenges in marketing their products. He noted the high demand for local vegetables, as outlets and shops became completely dependent on local products, especially during the winter season, at a rate of 100 percent. page 2

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