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The Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded Northwestern University in Qatar a $350,000 grant to expand the field of Arab Information and Media Studies (AIMS) over the next two years.

Directed by Marwan M Kraidy, dean and CEO of Northwestern Qatar, the Arab Information and Media Studies (AIMS) project will expand the area of critical media and information studies in the Arab region and transform it into a more interdisciplinary, multilingual, collaborative, research-oriented, and policy-relevant field through the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South at Northwestern University in Qatar.

The AIMS project will connect Arabophone, Anglophone, and Francophone Arab media scholarly communities through networking, translation of scholarly works, publications, and multilingual events. The project will also integrate the study of media and information in the Arab world into transnational networks of ideas and knowledge based in the Global South.

The grant will also support a collaborative research initiative between AIMS and the Security in Context network titled Global South Insecurity in an era of Great Power Competition. Researchers from around the world will join scholars at Northwestern Qatar to examine the contours of the emerging world order on the Arab world and other regions of the Global South. This research initiative will be led by Sami Hermez, who serves as coordinator of the Qatar hub of the Critical Security Studies network. page 16

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