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If Qatar adopts NEXtCARE solutions, the national ID cards will replace the health cards and patients need not have to carry health cards while visiting hospitals.
The Qatar national ID activation, discussed during the 'NEXtCARE Innovation and Digitalisation Forum' at St Regis in Doha on Tuesday, enables an innovative technological upgrade by accommodating all the health details of the card holder.
NEXtCARE is a leading Third Party Administrators (TPA) in the MENA region, which works closely with insurance companies and other types of payers as administrative support.
The forum showcased its diverse and innovative digital solutions and built-in managed care modules that ensure efficiency and transparency among the industry stakeholders be it payers, providers or beneficiaries.
The customer-journey experience at the forum included the national ID innovation concept to replace health cards; PULSE, NEXtCARE's smart and proprietary Provider Portal linked to the Qatar national ID registration; and NEXtCARE's Provider Kiosk, a unique concept that goes beyond its usual service line and delivers an optimised, digital end-to-end solution to both providers and members; among other digital solutions.
NEXtCARE Chief Business Officer Andr` Daoud told Qatar Tribune that from Tuesday, the solutions are available in the market for potential customers.
"There are different solutions, including those designed for insurance companies, regulators, ministry officials, medical providers, members, employers and governments. We can be a one-stop shop and we can offer a wealth of information to regulators which they can rely on to enhance the quality of healthcare in the country," he said.
He added that they are very much discussed in the market and there are exchanges on how to improve the overall experience of the solutions.
"Our team is in discussion with several parties in the market. We want to introduce these solutions to those who wish to make use of the latest technology and solutions."
Talking about how the Qatar national ID can replace the health cards, Daoud said,"Our system is enabled to recognise any type of ID that is agreed in advance. We are also working on integrating the data with certain ministries in different countries whereby we can provide the number of the cards and retrieve the information associated with them."
Daoud explained about another solution which enables people to self enrol in social security schemes and other national schemes."For a particular government, we have developed a kiosk which is disabled-friendly. It meets international standards in terms of functions and shape. Through the kiosk, people will get auto enrolled in a matter of seconds in the scheme without human intervention. This can be applied at both private level and public sector level."
"NEXtCARE strives to continue to come up with solutions aimed at providing complete Health Insurance Management and Third Party Administration services and solutions to insurers and other payers of healthcare. Innovation is one of our core values, and we change and adapt to create faster, simpler, smarter solutions anticipating our customers' needs by adding value and depth to the services we provide," he added.
Christian Gregorowicz, chief executive officer of Allianz Worldwide Partners MEA, said:"NEXtCARE is committed to innovating solutions that strengthen productivity and efficiency and aligned with the digital future of Qatar and the region. The latest digital solutions and services from NEXtCARE support the robust innovation ecosystem in the inter-connected world."
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