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Ailyn Agonia
THE American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar (AmCham Qatar) President Robert Hager on Tuesday said that Qatar is going to have a unique position in the Trump administration.
Speaking after a discussion on the US Presidential elections held at the Intercontinental Doha The City, Hager said:"This administration knows Doha very well. US President Donald Trump himself visited Doha and toured The Pearl-Qatar a few years ago. His National Security Adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn also worked in Doha."
"Similarly, many of the generals and members of the Trump cabinet have been in Qatar at some point of their lives. So, it is going to be a much different environment," Hager added, while highlighting the likely impact of the result of the elections on Qatar.
Further commenting on the debate, he termed the new US administration as a new era of American politics with significant focus on the private sector.
"The American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar welcomes the 45th President of the United States of America to the Oval Office and wishes him the best as our new Commander-in-Chief. We look forward to working with the business community in Qatar to help offer guidance and share intelligence about the pace of progress under the new administration," he said.
Meanwhile, AmCham Qatar's 'Presidential Predications Forum' focused on the media coverage of the US Presidential elections.
The forum was moderated by Northwestern University-Qatar (NU-Q) Dean and CEO Everette E Dennis and the panellists comprised of Associate Professor of Journalism at NU-Q Craig LaMay, Assistant Professor of Political Science at NU-Q Jocelyn Mitchell and Ali Mustafa, a digital journalist for Turkey's national public broadcaster's English content service TRT World.
The third session of the forum offered an analytical perspective on the historic campaign. The media coverage of the elections including the role played by social media, the rise of fake news and alternative source of information apart from the mainstream media were among the topics discussed at the event.
AmCham Qatar has a full calendar of events planned for 2017, including a gathering with Mike Reiss, a four-time Emmy Award winning writer of the Simpsons show on March 6, who will be on hand to share his history and showcase some interesting anecdotes about the show.
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