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Santhosh Chandran
Foreign workers have started to arrive in Qatar after an interval of six months as Qatar began issuing work visas to people from select countries following an uptick in demand for manpower.
On Sunday, 30 workers recruited from Kenya arrived in Qatar. They form the first batch of labour recruits coming to the country since it closed its airport in March to commercial flights as part efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.
With coronavirus in retreat in Qatar now, the government has eased most of the COVID-19 restrictions on public life, leading to a revival of economic activity and by extension, jobs.
Subair Komath Kandy, the Managing Director of Indo Arab Recruitment, which brought the Kenyan workers to Qatar, said, “The visas were allotted for us in September and we carried out the recruitments as per the guidelines of the Qatar government.”
The workers will join duties after a period of quarantine recommended by the authority, Kandy said.
According to sources, the flow of migrant workers will steadily increase in the coming days to meet the requirements of the market.
Anto Rocha, the Manager of Qatar Security & Guardian Services that has over 4,200 workers, said, “We are planning to recruit an additional of 1,000 employees within six months. Even during COVID time, the government has given all support to maintain workers in the service sector like private security staff.  Now, the majority of our new employees are of African nationalities, particularly from Kenya.”
A number of skilled and unskilled workers who were for annual vacation and short- visits are stranded in different Asian countries after the pandemic restrictions grounded airlines and shutdown airports around the globe.
“We were allotted 300 visas from different African countries and these workers will arrive in Doha in the month of October, batch by batch. The demand for service-oriented works like security staff will go up in the future and our sub-offices in Nairobi in Kenya is all ready for recruitment and furnish needed formalities,” Kandy who has recruitment offices in different Asian countries and Africa, told Qatar Tribune.  

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