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Galfar Al Misnad saw a large turnout at the blood donation camp held in association with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Blood Bank.

A record number of 343 employees from Galfar Al Misnad’s camps, sites and offices donated blood during this year’s drive held at the Galfar Clinic in New Industrial Area Camp, where employees patiently waited in long queues to donate their blood throughout the day.

“This year’s blood donation campaign was very motivating and a special one, as this was being conducted after a gap of two years due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The enthusiastic response was overwhelming. Noble-hearted Galfarians pitched in from every cadre to make this campaign a huge success,” said Dr Manoj Ashokan, senior medical officer of Galfar Al Misnad.

Galfar Al Misnad, a 100 percent Qatari contracting company, has been operating for more than 27 years in Qatar and is an integral partner in several nation building projects. The company has been regularly running this campaign with its employees since 2012 and has been consistently appreciated by HMC for its commitment to social responsibility by organising field blood donation campaigns.

“We are grateful to the medical team who worked very hard for the last three months so that these many people could qualify as donors. HMC follows very stringent rules and getting so many qualified donors from the company was a major challenge. We are indebted to HMC for their cooperation from day one and for sending a big team to make the blood donation campaign successful,” said Anupam Kar, general manager, Finance and Administration at Galfar Al Misnad.

The Galfar Clinic caters to the company’s nearly 7,400-strong workforce to ensure the health and wellness of all their employees. The main clinic is in the company’s camp in New Industrial Area, with first aid clinics at its various sites and other major camps across Qatar in compliance with the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH) standards. The medical personnel regularly conduct periodic health check-ups of all employees in addition to providing medical care.

They also played a key role, along with the HSE team and administration team, in the efficient management of COVID-19 by facilitating access to urgent medical care, maintaining safe quarantine facilities and organising a mass vaccination drive to safeguard all employees.

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