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Qatar tribune

With all eyes on Qatar as it hosts the world’s greatest celebration of football, for the first time in the region, there’s no place sports fans would rather be right now! Whether you’re a citizen, long-time resident, or one of the millions of visitors here to root for your favorite team, talabat Mart is fully stocked to bring you everything you need to enjoy this historic moment in time.

Here are just five of the ways that talabat Mart could be your savior – for those items forgotten in the excitement or to help you join in the fun as you make the most of what Qatar has to offer. Let’s kick off:

  1. Just arrived in Qatar but forgotten something important back home?

We all know the feeling: you’re rummaging around in your suitcase for that one thing that you know you packed… before you remember you definitely didn’t! Whether it's the toiletries bag you left in your bathroom or the phone charger that’s still plugged in at home, talabat Mart is here to your rescue! From toothpastes and toothbrushes, to shaving creams and shampoos, and even electronics like mobile phone accessories, you can get anything you need delivered to your doorstep at any time of the day…or night!

  1. Havingfriends or family over to celebrate a team win?

Good food equals a good mood, but the traffic can certainly kill the celebratory vibe if you’re forced to head out to grab that one missing ingredient for your signature dish. Save yourself the hassle and skip the jams with talabat Mart. Pick from an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and poultry items, baked goods and snacks to get the party going - and get it all from the comfort of your own home within 30 minutes.

  1. Time to switch your colors!

So your team’s been knocked out - what do you do now? Pick a new one, of course! And now you’ve got your new champions but no merch to cheer them on with, talabat Mart has your back. Get your game-day essentials and country fan boxes delivered to you effortlessly with just a push of a button - think shirts, masks, flags and more. Go team!

  1. Ready to hit the beach?

While you may be here for the love of football, there’s so much more to see and do as part of your Qatar experience. For instance, beach clubs should not be missing from your itinerary. Think serene views, wateractivities, beachside sports and all things fun! Inspired to make an impromptu visit but don’t have the basics? talabat Mart will help you get beach-ready; from towels to suntan lotions, and beach games to flip flops, purchase all your beach essentials conveniently through the app before hitting the sand.

  1. Craving a midnight lunch?

Your body clock still hasn’t caught up, and you’re not sure if you need breakfast, brunch or, well, brinner…? Totally eggspected that, so take it cheesy! Hop on to talabat Mart and choose whatever takes your fancy from a wide range of ready-to-eat microwave-able meals, fresh pastries or snacks of all kinds including chips, nuts, crackers and popcorn. Easy peasy.

No matter what it is that you’re looking for, talabat Mart will go above and beyond to fulfill your needs seamlessly and round-the-clock to help you enjoy a truly incredible football season in Qatar!

You can find talabat Mart on the talabat app - customers can now download talabat on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

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