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The total value of private sector exports exceeded QR26 billion in the first nine months of 2022, an increase of 24.4 percent, compared to QR20.9 billion in the same period last year.

According to the quarterly report issued today by Qatar Chamber, exports value of private sector during the third quarter of 2022 (July-September) amounted to QR 9.38 billion compared to QR 5.96 billion in the same period last year, representing a 58 percent growth on an annual basis.

On a quarterly basis, the private sector exports increased by 5.2 percent, compared to QR 8.92 billion in the second quarter of the same year.

The report shows that the growth of private sector exports from QR7.7 billion in the first quarter of 2022, QR8.9 billion in the second quarter to QR9.38 billion in the third quarter clearly confirms the ongoing improvement of the private sector’s performance and its ability to return to its levels before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the type of certificate of origin issued by the Qatar Chamber, the report shows that the value of exports through the general model amounted to QR5.71 billion, an increase of 61 percent, followed by the Unified GCC model which is estimated at QR 2.31 billion, an increase by 43.1 percent.

The GSP model amounted to QR877 million, recording an increase of 112 percent, while exports through the Unified Arab model which amounted to QR239 million showed a decrease of 1.2 percent. Exports through the Singapore model amounted to QR227 million, an increase of 69.5 percent on a y-on-y basis.

The report shows that the Asian countries excluding GCC and Arab countries were at the top of economic blocs that received exports of the private sector during the third quarter of 2022 that amounted to QR3.37 billion with a share of 36 percent of the total exports; followed by the EU which received exports amounted to QR 2.9 billion or a share of 31 percent of the total value.

The GCC states group came third with exports totaling QR 2.38 billion, representing 25.4 percent of the total value.

According to the report, Oman was at the top of the countries of destination of private sector exports with close to QR1.506 billion or 16.1 percent of the total exports.

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