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Qatar tribune

Khalid Tawalbeh


Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports Kamal Daqish has affirmed that Qatar has achieved distinction in organising this edition of the FIFA World Cup Qatar in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

“As for the conduct of the World Cup so far, the organisation is excellent, the atmosphere is electrifying. I think the State of Qatar has passed the challenge for the World Cup,” the Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports told Qatar Tribune in an exclusive interview.

The Tunisian minister stressed that the cooperation between Tunisia and Qatar is historical, especially in the sports fields, He stressed that Tunisia and Qatar have a joint cooperation agreement in the sports field for the year 2022-2023 and it is in the process of implementation.

Qatar and Tunisia had previously signed a sports agreement on supporting investment through the establishment and financing of joint projects between the two countries. The projects proposed by the Tunisian side will be presented, encouraging Qatari companies to invest in Tunisia and further coordination with the investment committee to embody the proposed projects on the ground.

He said it was agreed in advance between the two sides to integrate Tunisian competencies in the physical education and youth activation sectors in organising this global event (World Cup) with the possibility of continuing the experiment at the next major sports stations to be hosted by Qatar.

Tunisian Minister of Youth and Sports Kamal Daqish has said that the Tunisian national team is fully prepared for the upcoming confrontations, especially after making several preparations at the physical and technical level before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The minister said the Tunisian national team has made preparations both in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The preparations were excellent and predict a good future for Tunisian sports and for the Tunisian national team.

“We felt that there is warmth and rapprochement between the members of the national team, and this was shown during the match against the Danish national team,” he said.

He said, “The draw in the confrontation against Denmark was a good start and we will build on it, especially as it opened the way towards running, God willing, towards the second round and this gave a wonderful morale boost to the team. We are waiting for the next matches and running for the second round with impatience”.

On Tunisian sports, he said, “The level of Tunisian sports is good, the results achieved in individual sports confirm that Tunisian sports are fine.”

“The biggest proof of this is Tunisia’s honorable representation in the Olympic and world championships and games, but the lack of material can be considered a matter that limits the development of other sports, especially team sports that consume a lot of technical and material equipment and a lot of other possibilities,” he added.

“Now as for the strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, God willing, in partnership with the Tunisian private sports sector, we will overcome these financial problems,” he added.

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