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Qatar tribune



The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) witnessed a newfound vigour in the ongoing World Cup festivities triggered by the historic victory of Saudi Arabia over Argentina on Tuesday.

The Calligraphers' booths located in building 5 in Katara saw a substantial number of Arab and foreign visitors. The artists showcased paintings carrying the names of visitors with a wide range of Arabic calligraphies, along with sand drawings.

Calligrapher Mohamed Ibrahim said he presents a variety of paintings and works as per people's demand by focusing on the white and black colours, hoping that his participation in these events will be an opportunity to introduce Arabic calligraphy, which is one of the prominent characteristics of the Arabic and Islamic culture and identity.

In addition, Henna designcorner at the Square opposite the Fort witnessed a high turnout where a large number of female visitors of the Cultural Village ventured out there, especially of foreign nationalities. They were happy and upbeat to go through this experience, expressing their interest in having a glimpse of the Arabic culture and heritage with its all details.

The masses also reacted to the ornamental music plays performed by one of the Arabic music bands that attracted a substantial number of visitors.

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