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BEIJING: At least 36 people were killed in a fire that broke out at a factory in central China, according to media reports. Two people are still missing, broadcaster CCTV reported on Tuesday. The fire accordingly broke out at the factory in the city of Anyang, in Henan province, on Monday and was extinguished by the evening. It was initially unclear what had caused the blaze. Two people are being treated in hospital for light injuries, according to the reports. Over 200 rescue workers and 60 firefighters were deployed to the scene. It was also not clear which factory was affected. Factory fires and industrial accidents are not uncommon in China, due to negligence and failure to comply with safety regulations. At least 37 people were killed in a fire at an illegally operated shoe factory in the village of Hushi in the south-east Chinese province of Fujian in October 2007 as the barred windows made it impossible for many to escape. Many more workers sustained injuries. Police later arrested the owner of the factory. (DPA)

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