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Qatar tribune

Santosh Chandran


Al Dosari Park & Nature Reserve in Al Shahaniya has reopened for public after four months of COVID-19-induced lockdown. 
The park has had a makeover during the lockdown and now offers a wide area of greenery, renovated museum with additional pieces of arts and crafts. 
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Mohamed Al Dosari, the Director of the Park, said, “We explored off-days of COVID lockdown to expand the park. Now, the park can accommodate more people as it has been expanded with wider area of lawn and pedestrian path decorated with flower bed.”
The Park will open from 7 am to 7 pm for public. Opening of new roads and flyovers has made the park more attractive and easier to access for people. 
Dosari said the night-stay cottages can be opened for visitors at the end of September.  The cottages located close to the animal safari park make it an ideal tourist destination for all seasons. The cottages offer visitors the real experience of a nature reserve in a desert. 
“The winter festival that is scheduled in the months of November and December is expected to attract a large number of people. The events in winter will feature a number of programmes that reflect the cultural tradition of different nationalities.”
The park, which is visited by over 150,000 people annually, also features an animal safari park, a zoo, an amusement park as well as heritage and maritime museums. In addition, the visitors are offered animal ride around the Park.
The animal safari park, which is spread over more than 10 acres of land, features a wide variety of animals, including oryxes, trees and water bodies.

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