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What the deaths of a nine-year-old Egyptian boy and his father in Doha last week leave behind are a broken family and a heart-wrenching story.
On Thursday, Youssef had finished memorising verses from the Qur’an and asked his father, Hamido Muhammad, to reward him and his brother with a break at The Pearl-Qatar Island. 
The 30-year-old father, a Qur'an teacher, obliged, not knowing that his two boys would never be seeing each other again forever.
According to an Al Jazeera report in Arabic, Youssef slipped and fell into the artifical lake at the island while playing near its water fountain. He got pulled down due to the force of the suction generated by the fountain’s machine.
His father rushed to save him and dove into the water body. But he, too, got pulled into the depths.
The lives of Youssef and his father ended right in front of his seven-year-old brother in a devastating story that spread like wildfire on social media, drawing shock and condolences from thousands of the Egyptians, Qataris and other residents in Qatar.
A Facebook group called the Egyptian Community in Qatar said that the deaths had shocked a large number of people in Qatar.
“It is strange that the story of Hamido was shared by those who knew him as well as those who didn’t,” the group has said. 
A member of the group recounted that his wife didn’t know Hamido personally but still went to offer condolences and support to the late teacher’s wife.
And she was surprised by “a constellation of people” at her place, he told Al Jazeera.
The man said, Hamido’s wife Asma had revealed to his wife the story of a strange dream Youssef saw a few days before his death.
According to him, Youssef told Asma that he saw in his dream his deceased uncle, who invited him to visit him.
When Asma told his father about Youssef’s dream, Hamidou had a similar tale to tell her.
Hamido told his wife that he felt his days were near and that she should raise their children alone with courage, until they all meet in the afterlife.
He assured her that he was confident of her capabilities in raising the children and that it would inevitably succeed. In the event of his death, Hamido instructed her to have him buried in his village in Egypt, among his family.
A few days ago, Asma carried out Hamido's wish. She took with the bodies of her husband and their son along with her two children to Cairo. From there, they went to Hamido’s village, where he longed to return alive.
A funeral was arranged at the family cemetery for them.
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