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As many as 26 houses within the Al Shamal Municipality have been vacated as part of campaign to ensure compliance with a ban on workers' accommodations in areas reserved for family housing in Qatar. 
The campaign was carried out between March 12 and June 30.
As per a ministerial resolution issued earlier by the Minister of Municipality and Environment, “the residence of more than five workers in one of the places within the families' housing areas is considered contrary to the provisions of the law.”
The law here refers to the Law No 15 of 2010 (amended by Law No 22 of 2019) which was established to discourage single men from living in homes built for families.
The Ministerial Decision has excluded female workers from its provision regardless of the nature of their work, as well as the housing of domestic workers and those that come within this category, for example, housemaids and drivers.
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