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The past two days saw various municipalities in Qatar taking actions against erring food stores, restaurants and illegal accommodations, and initiating measures to remove abandoned vehicles. 
The Al Shahaniya Municipality has marked 32 abandoned vehicles in Azab Abu Nakhleh for removal and inspected food outlets in Jamiliya, Dukhan and Zakrit regions in separate endeavours.
The health supervision wing of the Municipal Control Department carried out the inspections at food outlets on Tuesday. While 400 odd establishments were booked for violations, the municipal authorities impressed the employees of the stores and restaurants upon the need to adhere to health requirement and wear masks and gloves at all times.
A team of the Municipal Control Department also stuck removal stamps on the abandoned vehicles, in implementation of the provisions of Law Number 18 of 2017 regarding public hygiene.
Meanwhile, the Umm Slal Municipality’s General Oversight Section, in cooperation with the General Cleaning Department, on Tuesday removed garbage from a vacant plot in Umm Salal Ali.
The Doha Municipality, meanwhile, has raided workers’ accommodations within areas marked for family housing. The raids resulted in 82 notifications of violations of workers' housing, the editing of 117 seizures minutes and 187 notifications of violations of state property and buildings.

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