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Qatar tribune

Tribune News NetworkDoha

The CEO of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Nasser Al Khater, has said the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will change the image painted by the Western media “for our region as an area of ​​conflict”.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Al Khater said, “We do not pay any attention to the newspapers and media sites that have stood against Qatar since the first day of announcing its hosting of the tournament.”

He said Qatar has been subjected to a fierce campaign since the first moment of announcing its hosting of the tournament.

“European countries believe that this tournament is a monopoly on them. Some of the criticism had political and racist goals, and there was no acceptance of the idea of ​​an Arab and Islamic country hosting the World Cup,” he said, adding that Qatar has dealt with the criticism that requires a response, whether at the media or legal level.

Al Khater said, “Our priority is to focus on the tournament and its success. We have received 40 million requests for tickets for the World Cup. Three million tickets have already been sold, which is the total number of the audience scheduled to come to Qatar.”

He said organising the World Cup in Qatar accelerated the pace of reform in labour legislations.

The Qatar 2022 CEO said, “Everyone is welcome, but they must respect our culture.”

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