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Qatar tribune
Catherine W Gichuki
Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Emergency Departments (ED) at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) and Al Wakrah Hospital received a total of 745 cases on the third day of Eid Al –Fitr on Tuesday.
A majority of these cases were related to gastrointestinal system as a result of change in food habits following Ramadan.
Of those cases attended at HGH ED included 355 males and 160 females. Among them only 12 were admitted.
Al Wakrah Hospital ED attended to a total of 230 cases including 167 males and 63 females of which 22 were admitted. 
In both the hospitals, there were no critical cases and ranged from simple to moderate.
It is worth to note that these cases are not related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Speaking to Qatar Tribune HMC Consultant of Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicologist and Vice Chairman for Corporate Affairs of HMC Department of Emergency Medicine Dr Galal Alessai said, “Emergency Departments are always busy, the numbers are sometimes up or down.”
According to him, last year same days the number was higher. “I consider this is because now people know when to use emergency departments. Public education was better this year and that’s why the numbers are less.  The same days last year the numbers were higher.”
Dr Alessai further said that it was normal for the number of males visiting the emergency department to be higher than that of females. “Usually females are less most probably because of the stature of the country. Males are more and this is expected.”
According to him, most of the cases were related to gastrointestinal system which is associated with change in food habits after Ramadan. “It will take a few days to go to the normal. We have less number of cases related to car accidents. There were also no critical cases.”
Giving advise to the members of the public, Dr Alessai said, “People should not increase the intake of food containing sugar and should try to improve their habit of food intake. They should also increase the water intake especially that it is summer season so that they can stay hydrated. People with comorbidities should also take their medication at the time the doctor has asked them to do so.”
Dr Alessai also advised them to stay at home and follow the instructions Ministry of Public Health to limit the spread of the COVID-19.
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