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The Minister of Municipality and Environment has issued a “ministerial resolution” on the ban on workers' accommodations in areas reserved for family housing in Qatar.
In the Ministerial Resolution No 105 of 2020, the ministry says “the residence of more than five workers in one of the places within the families' housing areas is considered contrary to the provisions of the law.”
The law here refers to the Law No 15 of 2010 (amended by Law No 22 of 2019) which was established to discourage single men from living in homes built for families.
The ministry has also published a number of maps outlining the areas that were strictly reserved for “family housing”.
The penalties for violating the law are a jail term not exceeding six months or a fine of no less than QR50,000 and no more than QR100,000 or one of these two penalties.
Furthermore, the referred to Resolution No. (105) of 2020 excludes from its provisions both female workers’ housing, whatever the nature of their work is, as well as the housing of those employed at homes and the like, such as servants and drivers.
The aforementioned resolution comes within the framework of the Ministry's efforts to preserve the health of workers and limit the gathering of more than five workers in one housing, in addition to limiting the phenomenon of informal and unplanned housing, which does not meet the specifications of adequate housing for workers.
The Ministry of Municipality and Environment calls upon everyone to abide by provisions of the aforementioned resolution and to vacate all workers' housing from excessive employment so that they would not be subject to legal accountability.


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