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Qatar tribune
Tribune News Network
Qatar Meteorology Department has predicted intermittent rain of varying intensity from Saturday to Wednesday as Qatar is expected to be gripped by another state of atmospheric instability.
Strong wind, thunder and hail may accompany the rain, the QMD said in a statement released on Thursday. 
The prevailing wind during this period will be mostly northeasterly to southeasterly with gusts exceeding 28 knots during thunderstorms. It is expected to cause waves to rise more than 9 feet during thunderstorms. 
Maximum temperatures are expected to range between 25 and 31°C during this period, while the minimum temperatures would likely hover around 19-24°C. 
QMD advised caution among the public and warned against marine activities. It also called on the public to follow the latest updates through its official social media handles as this “transitional period is known for fast weather fluctuations”.

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