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Qatar tribune
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Four coronavirus patients in Qatar have been declared virus-free, a Ministry of Public Health official said in Doha on Saturday. Those recovered are from Jordan, Iran, the Philippines and Sudan.
Communicable Disease Center Director Dr Muna al Maslamani said the infection in three of the four individuals is tied to Iran, a hostpot for coronavirus in the region. While the Filipino travelled to Iran on February 27, the Iranian — a resident of Qatar — had recently been home. The Sudanese had close contact with a person who returned from Iran. The Jordanian, however, hasn't travelled to Iran recently.
At present, 334 individuals are in medical care in Qatar for the coronavirus disease, the official said, adding that none of them are in critical condition.
A total of 7,000 people have been tested for the virus so far, but a majority of them do not show any symptoms, the MoPH said.
Qatar on Saturday confirmed 17 cases of coronavirus, a day after 58 individuals tested positive for the virus. Of them, 54 were in the identified cluster tied to those tested positive earlier and most of them had been in quarantine as well. The remaining four were "related to travel contacts". 
On Wednesday, Qatar announced 238 confirmed cases. The country has not reported any fatalities but has closed universities and schools, cancelled many public events including the MotoGP and banned travellers from 14 countries in Asia, four in Europe and Sudan entering the country.
Many of the initial cases diagnosed in Qatar were from a group of citizens and their foreign staff repatriated to Qatar from Iran. On Wednesday, more than 100 Iran returnees in Qatar left the quarantine facility. 
On Thursday, Qatar began inspections of all accommodation facilities for workers to ensure they have adopted appropriate measures to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

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