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OSN subscribers can watch HBO's latest big-budget series 'Westworld' at the same time in the US on Mondays at 4AM KSA, on OSN Play and OSN On Demand, and OSN First HD Home of HBO at 10PM KSA.
This latest big production from HBO takes viewers on a journey in the futuristic Wild West theme park, founded by brilliant and complicated Dr Robert Ford, played by veteran actor Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins is joined on screen by a stellar cast of actors including Ed Harris (Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee for HBO's Game Change), as The Man in Black the distillation of pure villainy into one man; Evan Rachel Wood (Golden Globe nominee for Thirteen) as Dolores Abernathy, a provincial rancher's daughter, who begins to discover that her entire idyllic existence is an elaborately constructed lie, James Marsden (the X-Men films) stars as Teddy Flood, the charming newcomer, and Thandie Newton (Mission: Impossible II) plays the beautiful and razor-sharp Maeve Millay.
Created for television by Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight) and Lisa Joy ('Pushing Daisies', 'Burn Notice'), Westworld is a hugely anticipated show with the hallmark production values, strong plot and storylines that are synonymous with HBO, and was inspired by the 1973 motion picture Westworld, written and directed by Michael Crichton.
The series centres on the dawn of artificial intelligence and the evolution of sin, exploring a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.
Co-creator Nolan explains,"Building on the incredibly evocative concept of the original film, we wanted to pose the question: If you could be completely immersed in a fantasy, one in which you could do whatever you wanted, would you discover things about yourself that you didn't want to know?"
Co-creator Joy adds,"We also wanted to explore what it means to be human from the outside in through the eyes of the 'hosts': the lifelike AI characters that are the main attractions of the park. It's a meditation on consciousness the blessing and the burden of it beautifully portrayed by our remarkable cast."
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