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The Search and Follow-up Department of the Ministry of Interior has busted a gang for selling visas with the arrest of nine people. This criminal act contravenes Law No (21) of 2015 regulating the entry and exit of expatriates and their residency.
The gang of nine was caught along with documents by the officials while they were trying to sell a visa to someone sent by the department.
Brigadier Abdullah Jaber al Labdah, Director of Search and Follow-up Department, said the department conducts inspections throughout the country to find violators, who sell visas using fake companies.
Captain Omar Khalifa al Rumaihi, Head of the Search and Investigation Department, said the arrests were made after they received a tip-off that some people are posting and promoting visa trade on social media. The gang members are Asian and African nationalities.
“After confirming the authenticity of the information, the department kept an eye on the members of the gang and a warrant was issued by the Public Prosecution to arrest the accused. The gang was caught red-handed while trying to sell a visa, for financial compensation, to someone who was sent by the authorities. The Search and Investigation team was able to arrest all the accused and seized number of stamps, identity cards, bank cards, and cash from them. The accused were referred to the prosecution to complete legal procedures,” he added.
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