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North Indians’ Association (NIA) in Qatar gas organised an outdoor event to celebrate the Indian festival Holi, after two years of muted festivities due to COVID-19.

Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil in the festive season of spring. The vibrant colours of Holi represent unity in diversity, strengthening the harmony of India.

NIA celebrated Holi on March 25, 2022. The festivities started with boat ride to Al Safliya Island. People celebrated the colourful festival with great enthusiasm by playing with herbal colours, dancing to the tunes of Bollywood music, singing folklore, riding banana boats and enjoying delicious food by the beach.

The event titled "Holi Ke Rang, Apno Ke Sang" witnessed overwhelming participation of around 350 persons from the expatriate community in Qatar. Added attractions were "dhol" players, DJ and folk songs by NIA Committee members. The Holi activities continued till late evening and concluded with the fun filled "tanura" dance.

NIA encourages the Indian expatriate community to become its member & to become a part of its vibrant initiatives and culture.
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