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Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) participated in the Friedrichshafen Exhibition in Germany from June 24 to 26.
The exhibition, which is held annually in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is considered one of the most vital exhibitions in this field.
A large number of radio amateurs, radio amateur associations and clubs and manufacturers of radio hobby devices and equipment, participated in the event, as well as a number of international and regional organisations and bodies concerned with the hobby.
This year, the exhibition witnessed a wide participation of visitors at the pavilion of QARS, which attracted the Arab and foreign audiences to view the specifications of the Qatari satellite (Suhail-2), which was launched in 2018, and carried a transmitter for radio amateurs, which is the first transmitter for amateurs on a satellite to be launched in a fixed orbit worldwide.
The presentation made by QARS during the exhibition regarding the amateur transmitter on the satellite attracted the largest viewership among other shows presented by QARS and clubs participating in the exhibition.
In a statement on Sunday, Chairman Board of Directors of QARS Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said that the participation of the QARS in the Friedrichshafen exhibition came after previous successful participation.
He emphasised that the participation of QARS members in such international forums is of great importance for the hobby. QARS set up its own pavilion to introduce the countries of the world to the most important accomplishments made by Qatar during the past period, as well as the most important accomplishments of QARS in the region and worldwide.
He added that the exhibition represented an opportunity for Qatari amateurs to further acquire international experiences and exchange information with international experts, in addition to getting familiarised with the state-of-the-art technology in the field of devices and equipment for the wireless hobby.
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