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Makkah Al Mukarramah
Director of the Department of Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs Ali bin Sultan Al Misifri has affirmed that the Qatari Hajj mission is working with all its units and specialised committees to serve the pilgrims of Qatar and the Qatari campaigns by harnessing all means of support to them to perform the fifth pillar and all rituals in the best conditions.
After his meeting with the heads of the support units, Al Misifri explained that the mission has worked since the arrival of its first regiment to Makkah to mobilise all possible efforts to ensure the provision of distinguished services to the pilgrims of Qatar, through continuous coordination with campaign directors and officials and to ensure the readiness and safety of their places of residence and the quality of service provided to pilgrims.
He stressed that the mission is working intensively around the clock to create appropriate conditions for the pilgrims of Qatar, through the call centre and support unit, which works 24 hours to provide services to pilgrims and campaign owners, receive their calls and inquiries, and provide them with immediate assistance.
He indicated that the monitoring unit continues its work since its arrival to ensure the readiness of the pilgrims’ homes and their compliance with the conditions and specifications before the arrival of the campaigns, indicating that the work of the unit continues even after the arrival of the pilgrims by carrying out intensive inspection visits to ensure that the campaign is presented to all services that contribute to the comfort of pilgrims and ensure that there are no violations or obstacles.
Al Misifri pointed out that the Holy Sites services unit continues its efforts and works diligently and in coordination with the Saudi authorities, as well as with campaign owners since it received residence of Qatar’s pilgrims in Mina and Arafa to equip them with all the necessary services for the comfort of the pilgrims of Qatar.
Concerning the medical unit, he confirmed the readiness of services and medical care, noting that the medical staff accompanying the mission will work around the clock to provide the necessary healthcare for the pilgrims of Qatar in Makkah and the holy sites.
He noted the keenness of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Public Health, to provide all capabilities, equipment, medicines, and treatments necessary for all Qatari campaigns through the medical unit of the Hajj mission to provide high-level health services to ensure the safety and health of state pilgrims.
Al Misifri commended the constructive cooperation of the heads of Qatari campaigns in overcoming all difficulties and their constant communication with the mission, listening and exchanging views and experiences to serve the pilgrims from Qatar.
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