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The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) on Thursday concluded its field training organised for a group of final year female students at Qatar University.
The training included many presentations and practical applications in various departments of the PSA.
The training programme was launched on May 29, with the participation of seven female students from the Department of Politics, Planning and Development at the College of Arts and Sciences, and one female student from the Department of Management and Marketing at the College of Business and Economics.
During the training programme, the students visited various departments and sections of the Planning and Statistics Authority to have an overview of the work environment. The programme included the Departments of Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Information Systems, Public Relations and Communication, Technical Office of the Permanent Population Committee, Planning and Quality Unit and Qatar’s Third National Development Strategy project.
The training programme aims to raise awareness of the significance of the Planning and Statistics Authority and its role in Qatar, as well as to transfer the basics of practical and professional experience to enhance the work environment concepts for students as part of their graduation requirements.
The students’ field training in the PSA comes within the framework of its cooperation with Qatar University to achieve integration between academic knowledge and practical experience, and to speed up adaptation to work environment after graduation.
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