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Harrods Managing Director Michael Ward said that Harrods uses artificial intelligence (AI) and takes advantage of available data to reach millions of consumers around the world in light of the trend towards virtual platforms for shopping.
During a dialogue session with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg TV Wednesday morning, as part of the Qatar Economic Forum, Harrods Managing Director said that we are trying to take advantage of technological development, but we only send to customers the products that they really need.
He explained that the COVID-19 pandemic had affected the consumption pattern, as consumers switched to shopping via virtual platforms, which they have accompanied to reach the consumer, as well as strengthening the main store with products and services that are only available in Harrods. For example, he noted, there is a bag worth EUR 42,000 that only Harrods has, noting the importance of strengthening the relationship and loyalty with major producing institutions that are keen to display their products at Harrods.
He added that the pursuit of well-being has no limit among consumers, as there are those who want to buy a ring, for example, for USD 6 million, as well as interested in modern products such as electronic watches, which have not affected traditional watches so far, noting that during the closures during the pandemic, new consumer patterns appeared that may be more practical, for example, formal suits are no longer popular.
During the session, the Harrods Managing Director expressed the store’s management’s interest in developing customer service and sales staff to enhance services to consumers, stressing that Harrods maintains its British identity and works to provide British products to consumers in the GCC and China, for example, based on quality and distinguished services.
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