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Khalid Tawalbeh
With more than 80% percent of projects in Qatar now using the dry-mix technology as opposed to the traditional method of plastering, the country is leading the drive towards an eco-friendly approach to construction in the region.
Speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing Project Qatar Exhibition 2022, Mohammed Shabeeb, sales manager at Qatar Plaster company, said: “Most of the construction companies in the country have adopted the technology as it guarantees an almost dust-free environment.”
“In addition to the 40-percent reduction in labour costs, the machine application of the technology also ensures homogeneous and accurate mixing of the dry mix with water, thus eliminating errors that can occur with manual mixing.”
Shabeeb explained: “the technology, which is mostly based on a mixture of cement and crushed limestone without any use of sand for plastering purposes, has ensured that plastering works that normally require four months to complete in some projects can now be done within a month.”
“With the technology, a mason can cover 30-35 square metres of work per day unlike the conventional method, where the general output is a maximum of 15 square metres,” he said.
Shabeeb stressed that: “Qatar has already benefited from this technology in completing the constructions of various types of projects on time for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, which includes Al Bayt Stadium, Khaleefa stadium, Vendom Mall, Doha Festival City , Musherib Doha Downtown, the Metro project and many accommodation projects across Doha.”
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