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Khalid Tawalbeh
Since its beginning in 2009, Plamixx has regularly taken place in the international event Project Qatar. It’s been an additional value to the Qatar market for the well-accepted technology in construction industry. Having finished most of their market success, Plamixx is making ready for a new round of success.
Sales Manager, Mohammad Sharif, told Qatar Tribune: “The exhibition attracts leading brands from around the world and connects industry professionals to high-ranking decision-makers in Qatar, making way for lucrative partnerships and agreements.”
“The industry is witnessing massive revolution with the use of the most modern technology the industry offers which has enabled most projects in the country to be completed on time with minimal waste.”
“For example, over 75 percent of building projects in Qatar is now using the dry mix technology as opposed to the traditional method of plastering and project completion time has been greatly reduced thus ensuring that projects are now delivered on time,” he clarified.
Sharif reiterated that the technology, which is mostly based on a mixture of cement and crushed limestone without any use of sand for plastering purposes, has ensured that plastering works which normally require four months to complete, in some projects, can now be done within a month.
“Qatar is bound to witness more innovation and technology in the industry particularly with Qatar planning to spend heavily in the construction of various types of facilities for the 2022 World Cup.”
The implications are massive, he said, adding aside from the 40 percent reduction in labour cost, this German technology is more environmentally friendly and
produces less wastage.
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