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Santhosh Chandran
A wide range of automated equipment on display at the Project Qatar exhibition is turning a lot of heads at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre. The curiosity gets piqued further when one learns of their purpose — agriculture in the arid deserts of Qatar!
From software-run grass-cutters that return to charging stations upon battery exhaustion to self-operating tillers and harvesters are on display at the exhibition, reflecting the role of technology in agriculture and its evolution in Qatar.
Several local suppliers of international brands providing automated agricultural machines have set up stall at DECC to home in on the rising demand for highly-sophisticated and zero-carbon machines.
More than 30 percent of pavilions have a dedicated section for agricultural-related equipment and tools.
Their increased presence at the expo also underpins the expansion of agriculture in the northern areas of Qatar and complements the country’s pursuit of food security.
Speaking to Qatar
Tribune, Sajin Das, Product Manager of Oriental
Trading, said the green patches in city and fast developing agricultural sector at remote areas will demand a variety of automated tools and machines to increase the productivity and
He said Oriental Trading was expecting a 50 percent increase in sales of the automated grass-cutters, which are manufactured in Sweden, in next two years.
Abdulaziz al Marri, a young agriculturalist who seeks to expand vegetable cultivation in Al Shahaniya and Al Khor, said, “The Qatar government is highly supportive of the agricultural sectors. So, we are looking at advanced machines and tools to maximize our productivity. The exhibition in this kind is very helpful for local farmers.”
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