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Meriam Jelliti
Estithmar Holding has announced during its participation in the 18th edition of International Construction Technology and Building Materials Exhibition Sectors (Project Qatar 2022), and Hospitality Qatar exhibition in its seventh edition that Al Maha Island will be open before the FIFA World Cup 2022.
Al Maha Island is set to become a hotspot for Qatar tourism attracting over 1.5 million visitors per year. The island is located in Lusail near Place Vendome mall and linked to the mainland via a causeway. The world class project is led by Estithmar Holding, in collaboration with IMG, Qatari Tourism Authority, and Qatari Diar.
Al Maha’s key attraction is Doha Winter Wonderland, a 93,000 m2 theme park that will host 100 amusement rides including 10 thrill rides with a 395-roller coaster, 25 family rides with a giant 150ft Ferris Wheel, and 15 children’s rides.
Al Maha Island will also host Nammos - one of the world’s most elite beach clubs and restaurants with irresistible sophisticated dishes and electric ambiance, and the stunning Mykonos beachside restaurant. Set on Al Maha’s private beach, the stunning Mediterranean venue will have luxe modern interiors inspired by the Greek party island.
Commenting on the announcement the CEO of Estithmar Holding Henrik Christiansen said: “Al Maha Island is by far our biggest project, an extraordinary destination that is set to open before the FIFA World Cup.”
“We are very proud of this project, it is a unique destination, expected to attract tourists from around the world while being especially popular with citizens and residents of the GCC countries and in the region” he added
In April Estithmar Holding announced the strategic reorganization of its businesses. Last week Estithmar Holding revealed that some of its subsidiaries have established six new companies in different sectors including tourism, entertainment hospitality, and catering.
The CEO noted that the new name and trademark cope with the strategic approach of the group towards a pioneering business in the local, regional and international markets, as it ventures in services, contracting, industries, and other sectors.
Speaking of Estithmar’s participation in the exhibition, Christiansen said that It is considered a great opportunity and being part of such an event is highly important for the company: “last year was very successful and we are confident that this year will bring the success of a larger scale because we are representing Estithmar Holding as a new name and a new brand and promoting the holding as an individual group forming a strong company with 45 companies underneath it. So, we are representing many different sectors of healthcare, ventures, services, contracting, and industry. And It Is exciting to be able to showcase all of that.” He noted
He also said that Estithmar Holding aims to showcasing its services to as many people as possible: “we have done everything we can to ensure that we can represent Estithmar Holding in the best way possible. We hope to naturalize new projects and new ideas, and we hope to be seen as a very attractive place for people to come and look at as we possess a very good direction on the basis, we know where to aim and where to go and we can see that Qatar will continue to grow after the World Cup in all fields of Hospitality, sports, and services.”
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