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Khalid Tawalbeh
Suhail Holding Group has earned the title “Leader of Industrial Development” in Qatar, through its specialisation in a field that achieves a double added value. The company maintains a healthy and pollution-free environment on one hand, while contributes actively to the national economy on the other hand.
Recycling waste materials and coming up with a complete new industrial product sums up the vision of the group, which seems to be currently standing on the threshold of a promising local and global horizon.
Suhail Holding Group CEO Shadi Afif said: “The group started in 2011, and its first factory was a lead factory for battery recycling, where it has been working on since 2012, which began production in 2014, and after two years of success in the world of recycling, the idea of expanding into other industries in metal recycling arose.”
He said, “The group decided to specialise in the recycling of all kinds of metals, and establish factories for this purpose in all its forms and types. After the lead factory, a factory for recycling plastic batteries was established. This was followed by recycling factories for copper, aluminum, separating metals, and a plastic.”
Afif added, “In April 2020, the company started a factory for metal forming machines, which produces all the market needs of auto and aircraft spare parts.
“The group has expanded to work in Ethiopia and will launch two factories in June 2022, and last but not least, a factory to manufacture paper rolls used by tissue paper factories was opened in March 2022.”
He continued: “The National Copper Factory is one of the Suhail Holding Group’s facilities, which is fully equipped with automatic production lines, and advanced process controls for copper manufacturing. The factory ensures that all manufactured products possess the minimum surface defects of copper oxide, in addition to ensuring the lowest oxygen levels to obtain outstanding production specifications.”
Afif stressed, “The factory specialises in the production of copper bars and its alloys, according to international specifications, with a total production capacity of 25,000 metric tonnes per year.”
He noted, “The National Aluminum Factory is the first of its kind for the group, which is similar to its counterpart - the copper factory - and occupies an area of 10,000 square metres within the small and medium industries areas in Doha.
“This is the leading facility in Qatar for aluminum recycling through high technologies that have enabled the production of high quality aluminum ingots that meet the requirements of global markets. The facility is equipped with the latest technologies and modern advanced machines manufactured in Germany, Spain and Austria.”
The CEO reiterated, “Our lead factory for battery recycling is the group’s first industrial project, established in 2012. It is the first privately owned battery recycling firm in Qatar to hold environmental and industrial licenses to process lead-acid batteries in accordance with BAT standards in the UN.
Afif said, “The group’s main driver is Suhail Metals, focusing on manufacturing and forging primarily aluminum and copper parts using advanced sandblasting techniques. Within this 15,000 square metre facility, traditional sand casting processes are combined with modern methodologies and advanced technologies used in Germany, Italy and the UK, to ensure high quality products and minimal environmental impact.”
On plastic factory, he said, “The Suhail Plastic Factory extends over an area of 10,000 square metres, It is considered one of the most important facilities in the region due to the advanced technologies from Taiwan and Germany with a production capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes of plastic granules annually.
“This factory specialises in the manufacture of a number of plastic materials and other products, including PP, HDPE, LDPE and PE plastic products, in addition to the manufacture of plastic waste bins resulting from recycling, which are available in sizes of 110 litres, 240 litres and 360 litres.”
He concluded: “We intend to launch three to five factories every year, especially for the complicated industries and those products for planes, and we are also working on making the first electric motor to be made in Qatar.”
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