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CEO of Teach For Qatar Nasser Yousef Al Jaber said, “We are confident that you will continue your enthusiasm and commitment not only to spread the culture of excellence in education but also to continue to make the impact we aim to achieve in the long run in Qatar. Continue this path you have started and remember why you joined the programme.”
He also urged them to continue to advocate on behalf of their students, whether they decide to continue in education, as 65 percent of their peers have chosen, or return to their previous industries.
Al Jaber also thanked the organisations supporting partners which are the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar Energy and ExxonMobil in Qatar for their faith in the organizations mission and vision.
Among the attendees in the ceremony was Executive Vice President for Human Capital at Qatar Energy Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Mannai, who said, “We are proud of our partnership with Teach For Qatar as this partnership provides us with the opportunity to contribute to supporting Qatar’s youth in to develop their leadership skills and positively impact the lives of students by setting a positive example for them.”
Qatar University President Dr Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham stated that the impact of all the efforts the Fellows have poured into their students will be reflected first in the community and finally on the nation as a whole.
He said, “I congratulate the Fellows for completing their two-year Leadership Journey. Our students today are the leaders of tomorrow and we are proud of their direct impact on our students in schools through their passion and love of teaching and the excellent training they underwent to leave such a mark.”
Dr Al Derham also said, “We will continue to support the organisation as it recruits a large number of the university’s students for the Leadership Journey.”
Dominic Genetti, General Manager and President of ExxonMobil Qatar, said, “Today were celebrating yet another group of inspiring Teach For Qatar fellows who have taken it upon themselves to help develop quality education in Qatar by empowering youth in schools and classrooms.”
He continued, “Teach For Qatar is an outstanding organization that works to unlock the potential of individuals and fuel economic growth. As an establishment with a like-minded approach to building human capacities for sustainable development, were proud of our partnership with the organization and all we have achieved and continue to achieve together.”
HE Dr Mohamed Saleh Al Sada, former Minister of Energy and Industry, participated in the ceremony, saying: “I was honoured to attend the ceremony honoring the seventh cohort of Fellows, and I always look forward to participating in supporting Teach For Qatar because I believe in the effective role played by the organizations team. What distinguishes Teach For Qatar is their highly selective process, as they recruit high potential individuals capable of contributing to the development of the educational system through creativity and innovation in education and in transferring knowledge to the student.”
He added, “I hope to see more success for the organization and its graduates. I am absolutely certain that what the organization’s graduates will provide in the future will be of quality and impact.”
During the ceremony, a short film was shown about the Fellowship Journey. The film showcased the Fellows unique experience in the two-years, which was full of challenges and remarkable achievements with their students.
Later on in the event, the graduating Fellow, Sarah Al Naimi, gave a moving speech on behalf of her peers, where she thanked HE Sheikha Hind for the opportunity of a lifetime and for believing in the potential of the youth in driving positive change in the community and those around them. She also thanked the organization for its support and ongoing training throughout the two years.
The graduating Fellows had undergone Teach For Qatar’s training programme that focused on developing leadership qualities in oneself first, and then moving to leading others, which gives the Fellow a deep self-awareness that enables them not only to take responsibility for their growth as leaders, but also the ability to lead others efficiently and effectively through the practice of critical thinking and self-awareness, which will thus allow them to develop their understanding of their personal role in bringing about change in their community.
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