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With the aim of nurturing a culture of cyber security, the National Cyber Security Agency organised an awareness workshop for young people last week in collaboration with the General Authority for Minors’ Affairs.
Apart from raising their awareness level of the participants, the workshop sought to arm them with skills required for safe internet surfing.
Coming within the framework of developing and cultivating national cyber security capabilities, the workshop aimed to help minors secure their financial transactions, enhance their cyber capabilities and develop their awareness of digital safety and security.
Dalal Al-Aqeedi, director of the National Cyber Excellence Department, said that the National Cyber Security Agency spares no effort in meeting any request from social entities, ministries or educational institutions that deal with specific community groups. It welcomes any request to provide training and organise workshops to improve cyber security.
The workshop focused on a number of vital areas including malware, phishing, social engineering and how it penetrates the human minds, safe browsing, social media and applications.
Iman Al-Hamad, a researcher and specialist at the National Cybersecurity Agency, explained that the workshop introduced the fundamentals of cybersecurity and provided awareness tips on how to protect personal data.
Participants were briefed about the importance of cyber security at a national level and the need for collaborative efforts to secure the national cyber space. Students were encouraged to broaden their knowledge in this field with the help of expert guidance.
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