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Qatar University’s Graduate Studies Office has announced the research projects that won the Graduate Assistant Scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023. It announced the start of a new course of grants for 2023-2024.
Nearly fifty projects in various disciplines and research trends won the scholarship. They were judged by international experts specialised in the priority research areas of QU, which keep pace with the latest research trends in the world and are aligned with national needs and requirements.
The Graduate Assistant Scholarship is part of Qatar University’s (QU) strategic plan to improve and develop scientific research, build student research skills and increase the outstanding research productivity of faculty members.
Through such scholarships, QU aims to develop skills and raise research efficiency among graduate students, leading to raising distinguished research productivity in scientific journals, which is reflects positively on enhancing the position of QU at the level of international universities.
As for the next cycle, the submission of research projects will start at the beginning of May and end with the closing of August 2022. The winning projects will be announced in October 2022, and students will be allowed to apply for appointment to research projects in January 2023 to mid-February 2023.
Candidates are selected according to the following criteriacTracking:>
1. The candidate must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a GPA of at least 3.2
2. For doctoral candidates, the student must have a record of practical publications during the master’s degree.
3. Fulfilment of the academic programme requirements.
4. Students who have been awarded a Graduate Student Scholarship Program (GSRA) or other scholarships are not eligible to apply for this position.
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