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Mango, known as the king of fruits is here, and the region’s leading hypermarket chain LuLu has kicked off the summer season with “Kingdom of Mangoes” featuring the goodness of the fruit in more than 50 varieties from 6 countries as well as in many forms—from desserts to curries, pickles, smoothies, salads, and much more.
A wide variety of popular and delicious mangoes mostly from India, and a few from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Colombia and Thailand were made available on display.
The festival was inaugurated by HE Dr. Deepak Mittal, the Ambassador of India to Qatar, in the presence of dignitaries from various Ministries, Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indian community organizations and senior officials of Lulu Hypermarket including Shaijan MO, Regional Director and Shanavas PM, Regional Manager.
Inaugurating the festival Ambassador of India to Qatar, HE Mittal said, “It is wonderful to see once again the mango festival being hosted by Lulu Hypermarket. I am very glad to see 53 varieties of mangoes have been brought from different parts of the country to showcase in this festival.
“Mango is called the king of the fruits in India. Now this is season for mangoes. I am sure that residents of Qatar will enjoy the mangoes from all over the India.
“Lulu Group under Chairman and Managing Director of Lulu Group International MA Yusuf Ali and team in Qatar led by its Director Dr Mohamed Althaf are doing great work in terms of contributing in food security of Qatar through over 18 retail chains across the country.”
“Lulu is catering diverse need of resident communities including Indian expatriate community in Qatar. I am also happy they are looking at promoting trade and building those resilient supply chains between India and Qatar to meet the needs.
“Lulu’s presence is in entire GCC nations and also expanded to India, so there is deep appreciation because the Lulu Group is not only doing the business, but they are also very active in CSR activities and other contribution.
“Lulu received a number of CSR awards in recognition of their activities and contribution in this regard in Qatar. We also deeply appreciate within India community for their contribution and support to Indian community in meeting their needs whenever needed.”
Addressing the media, Lulu Regional Director Shaijan said, “Mango Festival is expected to be a runaway success as always. This is the 21st year that Lulu Group is celebrating this festival in succession. The interesting fact is that this tropical fruit is loved by many alike, from all nationalities. Middle East is one of the biggest markets for the mangoes.
“Every year, we endeavor to bring in a wow factor to spice up this seasonal festival. This year, the addition of an extensive organic range brings a new perspective to the offerings. Our export distribution centers worldwide helped us a lot in bringing this delicious produce here in Qatar on time, at the most affordable prices.”
Running till May 30, 2022, the LuLu ‘Kingdom of Mangoes’ is an annual fruity treat for shoppers. This year, the luscious fruits will fill the aisles mostly from India, and a few from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Colombia and Thailand. Besides fresh mangoes, there will also be promotions galore and treats in the LuLu Hot Food and Deli section with freshly prepared dishes, such as mango-infused curries and sauces, pickles, traditional delights like aamras (mango puree), mango and avocado salad, and mango flax seed vegan smoothie.
Currently, Lulu Hypermarket in Qatar has 18 state-of-the-art stores and two shopping malls scattered over various strategic locations across the region. Lulu Group also has a comprehensive network of Export Distribution Centres in 23 countries including UK, USA and Europe. With the excellent combination of high-quality offerings and organized logistics system, LuLu remains the favorite shopping destination in Qatar when it comes to a broader selection of international products.
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