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“As we rightly apply laser-focus to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis, I hope we can equally give as much attention and effort to resolving all those forgotten or ignored conflicts. They all deserve peace, security and dignity.”
HH the Amir pointed out that the most glaring example is in Palestine, which has been an open wound, since the establishment of the United Nations. Those families have been occupied for decades, with no relief in sight. The escalation, in illegal settlement aggression, has been relentless and the same goes for the continual attacks against the Palestinian people. I keep praying that the world wakes up to the injustice and violence, and finally acts.
HH the Amir said, “Shireen Abu Akleh, a Christian, Palestinian-American journalist, was killed two weeks ago in Palestine and then robbed of a dignified burial. Shireen was covering the suffering of the Palestinian people for decades, and our hearts are broken.”
“Her death was just as horrific as the seven journalists killed in Ukraine since March of this year, ...and the 18 other journalists killed in Palestine since 2000, and the many other journalists killed in the line of duty in Iraq, Syria and Yemen”
HH the Amir said, “In the 21st Century, we should not tolerate these aggressions. And we should not accept a world, where governments have double standards about the value of people, based on their religion, region or race. We consider the value of each European life to be just as precious as someone from our region.”
HH the Amir continued, “As a small state, maintaining regional and international peace and security constitutes a special priority for Qatar. We work tirelessly to help manage, solve and mitigate conflicts, including our ongoing efforts in Afghanistan.”
HH the Amir added, “We were honoured to be able to help with the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. And it was only possible, thanks to the years-spent investing in peace-keeping: Expert mediation, state-of-the-art military and special forces, search-and-rescue teams, ranked as some of the best in the world, and the countless hours of sweat and tears, from so many. All those years of investment, training and building strategic partnerships paid off at a time when we were needed to step-in and rescue people. I am so grateful for all your sacrifices.”
HH the Amir said, “I also consider protecting the environment to be a responsibility for all of us. Qatar has placed sustainability at the front and center and focused our resources to develop emission-reduction technologies, and cleaner energy. We intend to play an active role in encouraging, regional and international policy-development, surrounding both energy, and the environment. We have all seen over the past months, what happens, when we don’t work together. At this critical moment in time, we must wisely balance the need to take care of the environment, and simultaneously, provide energy security for the world.”
“This will take coordination and intense collaboration, between all governments, companies, stakeholders, and every one of us. Because every single one of us needs energy, and right now, almost one billion people are still without a reliable energy source.”
HH the Amir added, “As one of the largest producers of liquified natural gas in the world, Qatar invested in LNG expansion efforts for years, understanding that LNG is a critical base-load energy-source, needed during the transition, which is already taking place. Increased LNG-production can provide the world, with a cleaner, safer, more reliable and flexible energy. Achieving global energy-security will lead to market stability, and reduce the economic effects of the current energy crisis.
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