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The Traffic Department will organise an electronic auction for special numbers with the World Cup logo through Metrash2 App.
The General Directorate of Traffic announced that the 11th electronic auction for special numbers will begin on May 22 at 8 am and conclude on May 25 at 10 pm.
The numbers will be grouped into two categories with separate security deposits for both.
In case there is high bidding in the last quarter-hour, the time will be extended for another quarter-hour for that number nly.
The process will continue until the final quarter-hour of the last auction.
Traffic Department listed the following conditions as well:
1. The person who wins the auction must contact the traffic department within a maximum of 4 working days.
2. If the bidder withdraws from payment, the security deposit will be forfeited.
3. If a bidder wins more than one special number, none of them will be granted to him until he pays all the amounts for the special numbers he won.
4. Payment can be made by cheque issued in favour of Special Numbers or using a credit card.
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